About Me

Congratulations! You are interested in learning more about me!

Well, where do I start? My Name is Matt Katz. I am a Freelance Illustrator and Senior Tutor at Massey University in Wellington. I love to paint Children’s and Fantasy Illustration the most. Have a look at my gallery page for some snazzy pics. I have done a bunch of books for Macmillan Education, Pearson Education and Covers for Scholastic. I have also done some work for advertising companies Rain43 and Malarky.

Oh yeah, I had better back track abit. After being born in 1984, I graduated from Massey University in 2007 and my Final Year children’s book on ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ went on to win two gold medals from 2008 Pride in Print Awards. Joy! In 2013 I won a RATA Award alongside my colleagues for my teaching at Massey. See the Awards section for other such tidbits.

I am always looking for bigger, brighter and more amazing jobs to work on, as well as excess representation and exposure. So feel free to contact me for whatever reason :)

email -  mattkatzonline(at)gmail.com